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PMS provides a complete MT solution for converting voice files into electronic medical records (EMR). PMS software, DigiTran, has key-functions to print, file and search patients records electronically, which completes MT process in a medical office. Healthcare professionals can dictate with the system that is easiest for them through digital voice recorder, PDA, or phone.

You can view, edit and electronically sign and print medical records from any computer with a Web browser. All password-protected. The software manages records by date, doctor and patient name automatically. You can search patient records electronically by typing a few letters of patient’s name.

:: The process is very simple having following steps:

  • Dictate on digital voice recorder.

  • Download voice files onto your computer.

  • Click one button to send voice files to PMS.

  • Receive transcribed documents in MS-Word format by next day.

  • Print all transcribed documents by one click.

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