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How much do you charge?
Our prices are based on many factors, such as the volume of work, turnaround time, and method of dictation, (i.e. pickup and delivery of tapes and printed reports on sticky paper is a bit more expensive than using a digital solution). We charge per 65-character line, although if you prefer being billed by the page, or any other means, we can adjust our billing accordingly.

Do you offer secure, online access to manage our reports?
Yes. Our HIPAA-compliant solution offers you and your staff the ability to view, edit, and print reports from any Internet connection. Best of all, it's easy to use. The status of dictations can be viewed at all times, reports download in seconds. Designed by a physician, our system is 'point and click' and very user friendly. If you can check email, you can use our system.

Isn't it less expensive to use an employee onsite to type my reports?
Usually, it is 20-30% less expensive to send your work out. After you add up the costs of your employee(s), including an hourly wage, benefits, taxes (including FICA match and Federal and State Unemployment taxes), Worker's Compensation Insurance, equipment costs (such as computers, printers, Dictaphone or Lanier systems, etc), and indirect costs (such as office space and management), I think you will find our service can save you money and office space.

Who types these reports?
All of the Medical Language Specialists who work for PMS Transcription have 2 or more years experience. Their work is proofread until we are certain it is of the highest standards. They must also read and sign a statement regarding confidentiality and are aware of HIPAA compliance regulations.

How do I sign up?
Easy. Just call or write and we can get you started on our system.

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