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:: Spotlight

PMS believes that the dedication, knowledge, and skill of our staff are our best assets.

We work together as a cohesive team focusing on the business goals of quality service and initiating and maintaining satisfying working relationships. The staff has high energy work habits and participates in management decisions to streamline production.

At this time of governmental overview of privacy conventions and regulations, our staff has expertise in confidentiality procedures and regulations for the protection of patients and physicians while producing and maintaining medical reports and archives.

The quality and professionalism of the PMS personnel is demonstrated in the work we produce and the long-term relationships we have with our clients.

:: Quality of the PMS personnel

  • All transcriptionists when hired have at least two years of professional medical transcription experience

  • We share a belief that accuracy of medical words is of the utmost importance to both physicians and the patients they serve

  • We share a deep work ethic, and are resourceful and highly productive

  • Our staff includes highly qualified personnel in scientific fields, and former clinical workers

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